As a security business owner, you know that having competent and professional frontline staff is critical for delivering high quality services to your clients. That’s why Mercury Training has partnered with employers and industry bodies to deliver the Level 2 Professional Security Operative Apprenticeship, a funded on-the-job training programme that develops job-ready security operatives with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to protect people, places and property.

This 12-month apprenticeship provides a clear pathway for new security staff while upskilling your existing employees. Trainees gain broad expertise across core security duties as well as specialist skills in one of three pathways: Operational Security, Mobile Patrol, or Security Control Room. By the end, they will have the experience and qualifications to kickstart a rewarding career, giving your business a pipeline of talented individuals to help you retain team members and win new business.

Benefits for Your Business

Upskilling Your Team – The apprenticeship develops well-rounded security operatives, teaching core skills like access control, incident response, and customer service. You can upskill existing staff or prepare new recruits for frontline roles.

Tailored to Specialisms – Trainees select a pathway aligned to your business needs, gaining expertise in operational security, mobile patrols, or control room monitoring. This tailored approach produces specialists ready to slot into your team.

Compliance – The training meets professional standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring your operatives work compliantly. Trainees gain accreditation from industry bodies like IPSA and the Security Institute.

Improved Service Quality – More competent staff means higher service standards for your clients. Operatives gain the skills and mindset to protect people and property while delivering excellent customer experiences.

Ongoing Support – Our security coaches mentor apprentices throughout the programme, guiding their development and providing motivation. You are supported too, with regular catch-ups to ensure smooth progress.

Programme Overview

The Level 2 Professional Security Operative Apprenticeship comprises three core components:

1. On-the-Job Experience

Most training is done on-site under the guidance of mentors. Apprentices consolidate skills through practical experience in your day-to-day operations. This work-based approach develops job-ready competence with operations taken into account.

2. Off-the-Job Courses

Apprentices take part in online and face-to-face training with Mercury coaches and assessors. Courses cover topics like conflict management, mental health awareness, and security procedures.

3. End-Point Assessment

Final assessments evaluate competence. Apprentices must pass multiple choice tests, work observations, and professional discussions to demonstrate learning.

Pathway Specialisms

Trainees choose one of three specialist pathways tailored to your business needs:

– Operational Security – Covers access control, patrolling, and emergency response on the ground (covers all frontline roles from retail, corporate, government, events, ports, static etc)

– Mobile Patrol – Focuses on vehicle patrols, lone working procedures, and securing client sites.

– Security Control Room – Teaches monitoring, information management, and coordinating responses.

Core Security Duties

All pathways cover the same core security responsibilities:

– Conducting patrols and access control

– Escalating security incidents appropriately

– Responding to emergencies and accidents

– Limiting property damage and loss

– Delivering excellent customer service

– Maintaining security reports and documents

– Liaising with police and emergency services

– Maintaining security awareness

– Following response guidelines for alarms

– Checking for suspicious activity

Invest in Learning Your Frontline Security Team

Equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to excel as security professionals is a wise investment that pays dividends to your business through better-quality services. The Level 2 Professional Security Operative Apprenticeship offers an effective solution.

To find out more about upskilling your security operatives in your business, schedule a meeting with our team at Mercury Training today. We look forward to partnering with you.

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