Access to Assessment

Mercury Training Services Ltd are committed to ensuring that equality of assessment arrangements are given to all candidates to allow them to demonstrate attainment, and to give candidates with disabilities and learning difficulties the same access to assessment as other candidates.

The principles of this policy are that:

Special assessment arrangements do not give unfair advantage over other candidates

  • Arrangements are determined according to the candidates particular disability or learning difficulty
  • Users of certificates are not misled about candidate attainment.

In order to achieve these aims assessments will be designed to measure only the skills, knowledge and understanding which are expressly stated in the scheme documents. Awarding Organisations set out the assessment practice and procedures to ensure the required standards are met, but will not undertake to alter these standards without consulting the relevant organisation as this would undermine the credibility of the awards. Issues relating to the standards therefore need to be referred to the appropriate responsible body.

Variation of assessment arrangements

Assessment arrangements may be varied, where the standards permit, for candidates with disabilities and learning difficulties. The nature of any special arrangement depends largely upon the scheme being followed and the assessment strategy employed.

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